Looking for a Subdivisions opportunity

Looking for a Subdivisions opportunity

Undertaking a subdivision can take a lot of time and resources, it is also a smart way to create profit in a relatively  short time depending on how big  the subdivision you are looking to do.  A one into two lot subdivision on a  suburban block could take six to eight months of planning work, plus the construction. The profits can be used to leverage the purchase of further property, or to recycle into another venture.

Not all the property you come across are suitable subdivision sites, it  requires countless hours of searching, investigation and doing feasibilities study on the deal, with lots of  due diligence to be undertaken. There  are many hidden traps when it comes to subdivisions.

If you are considering a subdivision strategy it is important that you are comfortable with risk and are prepared  to work with TRUWAY and our  professional consultants to achieve the most profitable outcome. We keep  you updated with the due diligence and the feasibility so you can achieve the highest return on investment (ROI).

We always recommend that you seek professional advice as this blog is for general information only