Meet Our Staff

Wayne Harrison – Managing Director

Wayne has been working in the real estate property industry for over 20 years, Wayne is qualified in the real estate, building conduction and project management fields.

Wayne is a licence builder, real estate property valuer, real estate agent, registered project manager which set TRUWAY apart from other real estate firms.

With the TRUWAY team and our Property Partners, Wayne and his team have a large amount of knowledge and experience in the property industries

Introducing Wayne Harrison

Wayne Harrison – Your Buyers Agent in Sydney and Newcastle

Wayne Harrison, originally from the country NSW and has worked in Newcastle and Sydney for the past 30 years – Wayne’s desire was to establish a Property investment business that offered integrity, professionalism and a personal service second to none. In short, Wayne wanted to create the best property investment company servicing both Newcastle and in Sydney and that is just what he has done.

Wayne is a fully licensed Property Buyers Agent, licensed property valuer, licenses Builder and Registered building project manager, that the point of difference he holds over the other real estate license buyer’s agents, he has 30 years of experience in the property market, built through renting, investing, building, renovating and buying all types of properties, he has an uncanny natural ability to spot the best properties, both for residential and investments that his client can manufacture growth and achieve a positive passive income from, he has flair for recognising the potential of any property and for seeing through any work that may be needed, whether just cosmetic or a major renovation – even the subtleties of just challenging colour schemes or poor handy work.

Wayne makes it his business to know and understand his clients and their short and long-term requirements. He gets immense satisfaction from helping them, often exceeding their original expectations. He acts with professionalism, dedication and attention to detail and provides a personal service attuned to the individual needs of his clients, not only does Wayne totally understand his client’s needs but he is a sharp, strong negotiator.

Unsurprisingly, Wayne’s main interests centre on renovations, home design, home interiors, decorating and exterior land scraping.

Wayne is a self-confessed property fanatic having qualified in the full spectrum of the industry so he can bring all of his experience to the table for his client’s.

A Personal Message from Wayne.

HELLO… Now you know a bit about me, it’s should be no surprise to you what I’m all about and that is why I have spent my working career is the various aspect of the property industry to assist you my clients in achieving your goals. So I just want to let you know in a nutshell exactly what my promise is to you as your property home and investment buyer, which at the end of the day is the most important thing to you my client…

THE BOTTOM LINE… Is that I treat my clients money and purchases exactly as if they were my own and I would never let anyone spend one single dollar more than they should, my clients have yours truly totally on their side, in their corner and totally under my wing, which means you are in great hands. My hobby became the job I’m passionate about, I have lots of energy which is essential as a successful property buyer, I can be contacted in and out of business hours and over the weekend.

One more thing, you deal with me 100%, from answering your initial phone call/email right through to handing you the keys to your new home – you get the red carpet treatment are not passed down to an assistant once I bring you on board – That is my point of difference.

I look forward to chatting with you!

Wayne, Your Property Buyers Expert