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Looking for an investment property at or above $550,000?

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It’s not difficult to find and buy average or below-average quality property. The key to long-term investment success in real estate is securing a superior property, in the right position, within the right suburb, for the right price and which has the greatest potential to out-perform.

The 6 factors that position our clients in a handful of property purchasers who out-perform:

  1. They purchase from a selection of carefully chosen suburbs
  2. They benefit from TRUWAY’s understanding that the correct position, street, aspect and location is absolutely critical
  3. The most appropriate property type for each individual suburb is chosen
  4. They have TRUWAY objectively access and short-list a handful of outstanding properties
  5. They beat other buyers and pay no more than current market value.
  6. They have access to properties which have not yet been advertised and are not yet available to the general public