Find below Wayne’s answers to the most frequently asked questions to why a buyer’s agent:

Why should I use Wayne and the TRUWAY Team as a Buyers’ Agent when I could do it myself?

When you search, inspect, negotiate, bid at auction, deal with property professionals every single day, 52 weeks of the year, you get very good at what you do – The average buyer just does not have the knowledge, experience, contacts, time, tools, confidence to pull off the deals as quick as a Buyer’s Agent – if you are not an experienced property buyer and you find yourself in a race to secure that dream property or investment that you have eventually found it’s a good chance that you are in the race up against buyer’s Wayne and the TRUWAY team – You will miss out.

Experience and knowledge is king.

You know when it comes to property Wayne and the TRUWAY team are kings! When it come to your own profession YOU are Kings or Queens! For example, you can represent yourself in court, but you will never get the same result as your Solicitor or Barrister! A Surgeon and or a general practitioner in the medical profession is like a fish out of water when it comes to selling their houses or negotiating the purchase of a new home or investment property themselves,

So when you are buying or investing in property are you sure that you’ve got the best property for the best price? When you are looking for the best deal you will never have the contacts or marketing skills of the real estate agent. A Buyer’s Agent is no different from any other professional representing you, you are buying experience and knowledge that will save time and money.

What is the difference between a Buyer’s Agent and a Selling Agent?

The difference between a buyer’s agent and a selling agent is who they represent. A Buyer’s Agent exclusively represents the Buyer and the Selling Agent exclusively represents the vendor (seller).

A Buyer’s Agent will search for your property and secure it for the absolute lowest price and a seller’s agent will sell the property and achieve the absolute highest price possible.

If you do not have a Buyer’s Agent representing you, the selling agent has the upper hand as they are experienced and 9 times out of 10 will win the deal.

Do you have access to property before it comes on the open market?

Yes Absolutely, because we have developed professional relationships with other real estate agent and property managers that we have been fostered relationship with over the years, combined with Wayne’s reputation, properties are constantly referred to Wayne at TRUWAY by selling agent prior to being advertised.

Also sometime vendors call to see if any of our clients on the books that want to buy their property as they may not want to go through a real estate agent, sellers also advertise themselves in various outlets and if any suitable clients are on board, this seller is contacted and an inspection is arranged.

The properties are then qualified, and inspected if suitable.

Does your service include the negotiating on the purchase?

Yes Absolutely. The full comprehensive package in addition to finding you the best property includes negotiations or bidding at auction, then liaise with any professionals from acceptance of the offer through to completion.

Can you guarantee client confidentiality?

Yes Absolutely. We ensure confidentiality at all times.

Do you work in any other parts of Sydney and Newcastle Suburbs?

Yes Absolutely, sometimes clients insist on Wayne’s services as they have been recommended, or they are past clients.  So although the main searches are Sydney’s and Newcastle Suburbs.

Do you provide search services for all budgets and all types of properties – from the lower to high end of the market?

Yes absolutely, from cheap studio apartments to high end water front houses – in any price range. From first time buyers, to investors right through to retirees.

I do not have a lot of money, can I afford to use a Buyer’s Agent?

Yes Absolutely.. Wayne’s fees are usually way less than what is saved, not only in negotiations, but by saving you money with the extensive research and analysis, looking at comparable sales and market data, to secure the absolute best price, terms and conditions possible.

Every client has a budget and a Buyer’s Agent fee is a very small investment in comparison, when you consider the savings you will make on your property purchase, don’t forget you only pay a success fee on success and you will only purchase in the end when you are totally satisfied with the property and the price.

The seller would never go unrepresented, why would a buyer?

Do you guarantee you will find me a property?

Yes Absolutely – as long as your buyers brief is realistic and you have preapproved finance or your own funding. The search also continues until your perfect home or investment property has been found, our agency agreement has no time limit.

Do you find properties for Property Investors as well as Home Buyers?

Yes Absolutely. You also have the advantage of not only Wayne being a professional Buyer’s Agent, but also a licensed builder, project manager and an active property investor. There is only one person that should find your Investment Property and that is an active property investor of nearly 3 decades.

(Never purchase an off the plan high rise property, especially off a Financial Planner, Accountant etc., there is very often a conflict of interest, they very often collect a large commission and do not know the first thing about the property market or the best area to invest in – let them stick with their day job).

Do you ever represent the vendor in selling a property?

Absolutely not, the Buyer has full 100% representation; Wayne is a property finder/buyer, not a property seller.

This means clients are exclusively represented, Wayne acts totally in the client’s interest – it’s not the normal case of ‘Buyer Beware’ – dealing with Wayne its ‘Seller Beware’…

How do I get started?

You either complete the contact us on the website, phone 1300 TRUWAY (878929) or email [email protected] or call Wayne on 0409551330 – Wayne will respond to your email or call promptly.