13 Jul 2018

We provide expert advice and deliver tailored solutions for commercial and residential properties. Truway

Wayne Harrison Founder and CEO . As an experienced investor’s buyer’s agent, property valuer, research expert, project manager and license builder, Wayne endeavours to ensure buyers are fully represented in the purchasing process.

Wayne is a highly skilled investment strategist and negotiator and holds a Masters in Project  Management, Diploma in Real Estate, Diploma in Business and is a Certified Practicing Valuer (CPA).

As the founder of TRUWAY , Wayne and the TRUWAY team believe that buyers should have even greater support and professional advice when investing in  real estate. At TRUWAY we educate our clients in market forces, with this knowledge and TRUWAY’s access to our wider network of properties and our excellent negotiation skills, equips us  to achieve outstanding results.

TRUWAY has a professional reputation within the real estate industries selling agents and is recognised as one of the trailblazers for real estate investors within the Australian property industry. The majority of our business comes from investors who are time poor and are looking for a highly skilled team with the knowledge of the buying and  building process who are result focused.

TRUWAY Buyers Agency services

  • Investment Strategies Home & Investment
  • Buyers Land & Home Packages
  • Commercial Development
  • Residential Developments
  • Project Management

TRUWAY Buyers Agency is a totally independent buyers agency with an impressive track record of success.

“Our goal with every client is to find the precise property, at the best price, every time.”

Then we work with our clients to manufacture the best and highest use for the land to gain  the best return on their investment through our Project Management and building companies TRUWAY Projects and JLC Building Developments.

TRUWAY Company values

  • Honesty. We are totally loyal tour clients.
  • Teamwork. We work in partnership with each client and all the stakeholders.
  • Passionate. We are excited to provide that personal touch for our client’s success.
  • Our Pledge. We have a desire for real estate and achieving results.
  • Our Strength. Your one stop shop, managing the complete process from the buying to the building and managing the asset.


We always recommend that you seek professional advice as this blog is for general information only