Why surgeon and sporting celebrities using Truway

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Why professional medical practitioners and high profile sporting celebrities choose TRUWAY as their Buyers’ Agent

When creating wealth through investment these professionals have high demands on their time and services. They are time short and do not possess experience or qualifications when investing in real estate. That’s why they engage the skill and experience of TRUWAY’s team of Real Estate Property Buyers Agents. We ensure our clients can do what they do best, while TRUWAY, as their Buyer’s Agent, provides a “one stop shop” in property. Our team removes the pitfalls and traps in the property market. So our clients can on their free time relaxing with a cup of coffee or spending a day on the beach with their families.

Our Clients are highly skilled surgeons and practitioners in specialist areas such as intensive care, cosmetic surgery, emergency medicine, palliative medicine, pathology, psychiatry and general practitioners.

Our high profile sporting celebrity clients have large demands on their time in fulfilling the various competing, training, public and community related roles attached to the responsibility of every professional sportsperson.

Buying an investment in real estate shouldn’t be stressful, but often it becomes a minefield of problems in the property settlement, with issues of land titles, easements, councils, covenants on the property, noncompliance with the building code, encroachment of the property, non approved dwellings on the property, incorrect fence alignments, common law issues and future road widening. Additionally issues can arise from the utilities, including as electrical overhead wiring, gas, main roads, mine subsidence and the list goes on. TRUWAY is experienced in dealing with all these issues as well as liaising with all other stakeholders, such as banks, solicitors, brokers, financial planners, selling agents and vendors. Placing your trust in these organisations and their employees, when you are not experienced in dealing with their policies, procedures and time constraints can lead to frustration, emotional heartache and financial distress.

TRUWAY, as a Buyer’s Agent, provides you with impartial advice when making such a significant financial commitment and takes away a large element of the stress.

  • There are many excellent estate agents working throughout NSW and Australia but they all have one thing in common, they work for and are paid by the vendor/seller. We represent the buyer’s interests during all stages of the search and throughout the negotiations, giving our clients both confidence and peace of mind.
  • Real Estate agents understand that a buyer prepared to pay a fee to secure a property is a sure sign of their commitment. TRUWAY’s clients gain a competitive advantage by proving their credentials as a serious prospect in a position to move immediately, vital in today’s highly competitive market where quality stock is increasingly difficult to source, let alone secure.
  • We can source exclusive opportunities for clients and gain access to properties that wouldn’t be available to a buyer looking on the open market. In many cases, estate agents will contact their database of buying agents with details of new properties long before they reach the public domain.
  • We offer years of experience and can handle negotiations on our client’s behalf, enabling our clients to remain at arm’s length with total confidentiality while we handle proceedings in a more commercial and less emotional manner.
  • Our priority is our client and our focus is achieving the best result. This enables them to continue with their busy lives safe in the knowledge that opportunities will not be missed.
  • We are completely independent and our reputation relies on client satisfaction, therefore any advice we give is purely for our clients benefit and no-one else’s.
  • We only act for a small number of clients at any one time, allowing us to give each and every search the time, effort and attention it requires and delivering a genuinely personal service