Property Buyers Agent

TRUWAY Real Estate is a property buyers agent, has a wealth of local knowledge and industry experience, which will mean the difference between an average return and an accelerated rate of return on your investment.

Providing expert advice and delivering tailored solutions to our client’s requirements demonstrates the diversity of services:

  • Property Management (leasing) via our Partners
  • Property Buyers Agent Services
  • Acquisitions service for clients
  • Project Management for capital refurbishment

Unlock the true potential of your property

To achieve optimal results, TRUWAY Real Estate will strategically select and align our team’s expertise and experience with your requirements to ensure your valuable asset’s potential is realised.

Being proactive and using our unprecedented expertise TRUWAY Real Estate maintains a “No Surprises” approach in the delivery of all services. This is achieved through effective management models which allow early identification and resolution of matters which may adversely affect our client’s assets and financial performance.

TRUWAY prides itself as being a qualified licenced building and project management company and has a fully compliant QA system in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.

A Huge Database of Properties and Market Trends To Make The Right Decision

Experience has shown that through our network of both internal and external resources, combined with TRUWAY’s building and project management knowledge, TRUWAY Real Estate has access to information that allows us to anticipate, evaluate sales history, identify emerging trends and develop asset growth strategies specific to your property portfolio.

Property Buyers Agent

When looking to purchase or lease a property our diverse commercial expertise, across numerous markets, has allowed us to build strong relationships with prospective sellers, developers, and investors. These relationships and our marketing network have created a solid database, which has been proven to generate solid leads and interests. Utilising our strong negotiation skills we will obtain the best value for money in both renting and purchasing property for the best sale price possible, within the shortest period of time.

Reasonable Fees – Full Commitment – Highly Experienced 

At TRUWAY Real Estate we believe you should not have to pay excessive or unreasonable fees for superior property services. TRUWAY’s unique ability to deliver property services in Wallsend, Newcastle, and surrounding regions is attributed to our competitive flat fee for acting as your property buyers agent.

TRUWAY Real Estate offers an independent and specific valuation consultation of the market for all residential, commercial, and industrial properties that our clients wish to purchase and specialises in a property dispute, providing unbiased analysis, market studies, expert testimony, and other appropriate services including:

  • Buyer’s Agent Purchase of a property on your behalf
  • Investment Property Finders
  • Negotiate Land and Home Packages
  • Property Renovations
  • Property Management
  • Auction Bidding Service