Positive Cash Flow

Positive Cash Flow

By working out the numbers, it is easy to work out how much positive- cash flow is coming in. It is much easier when you are out in the marketplace viewing commercial property to see whether something is going to be positive-cash flow or not. What you are going to find as the market has changed and moved and interest rates are moving along, you have got a lot of recognition about positive-cash flow.


Many see finding and investing in this type of property as pure luck!

Some people have said that I only managed to achieve lifestyle, time freedom and security through ‘luck’. To remind you, here is my definition of ‘luck’.

I challenge you to think again!

In my view, the true definition of ‘luck’ is:-





It’s focusing on what you are actually wanting and getting out there and either making it or finding it.  You have got to actually be looking for it for you to be able to find it. If you are not looking for it, it is not going to come up.

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