Holiday Rentals, Hotels and Resort Apartments

Holiday Rentals, Hotels and Resort Apartments

Hotel Rooms

These are usually one-bedroom, but the newer complexes are being sold as twin and sometimes triple key rooms. This means they can be opened up for letting as either:

  • One-bedroom studios
  • One-bedroom self-contained apartments
  • Two-bedroom / three-bedroom self-contained  Purchasing these larger rental units, which can be rented separately or as one larger apartment, means that the average yield is usually higher than if purchased separately (also overcomes one of the financing difficulties associated with this type of purchasing).

REMEMBER . . . . . banks penalise investment in property that is less than 50 square metres in size by reducing the lending ratio and sometimes refusing to lend at all on these smaller properties.

We always recommend that you seek professional advice as this blog is for general information only