Having control

Having control

It’s about you having control too. If you’ve got nine different properties with one bank, it’s the bank manager who’s controlling you not the other way around.

They’re determining whether you can go and do an investment or not, or whether a particular type of investment is something that you do or not, and they start dictating the terms. You don’t want to be there. You like to take control.  You want to be the one who’s deciding whether a particular property is right for your or not, not having some bank tell you “oh no, you’re too exposed at the moment. We’ve got too much exposed on any one client so we’re not going to lend you any more money. We’re not going to lend you money on that kind of deal, why don’t you go and buy this kind of deal?”

That might not be the kind of deal you want, but that’s what they start doing when they have too much control over everything that you’ve got.