02 Apr 2018

Other Strategies to Get a Cash Positive

You should be open to the possibility of alternative ways of investing here.


Subdividing is a growth strategy. However it can be used to make a multiple income streamed property.

Dual Income

Dual income properties are ones such as upstairs, downstairs, granny flats etc. Strata titling, lease options, student accommodation can all be used to increase the income on a property.

Total Packaging

Total packaging refers to having all the extras such as your furniture, your washing machines etc. All of the extras actually bring you in an extra yield as well – add-on extras.

Loan Defaults

Defaults can be a growth strategy as well as get you in for a direct cash Positive. Because you’re buying in at lower than real value, you’ll be able to rent it out at normal values giving you positive cash flow.

However, you’re also buying under market value so you’re picking up a big growth deal as well.

We always recommend that you seek professional advice as this blog is for general information only