14 Sep 2018

Evaluate and negotiate

Have you already got your eye on a property or already have done your own searching? Are you still wondering if it’s a good deal? Have you done enough research? You don’t want to make a mistake, get caught out and maybe lose financially! ‘Evaluate and negotiate’ would be the ideal service for you, as it includes auction bidding on your behalf.

As experienced negotiators, TRUWAY know the pitfalls you can come across as inexperienced buyers. We provide an impartial view on the properties true worth and remove your emotion from the negotiation process. With access to live property data (including RP Data, DSR, Residex, APM, Investar and more) we give you a detailed evaluation of the properties that suits  your strategy and budget. Now fully  aware of this knowledge we are armed to negotiate the best deal for you.

We always recommend that you seek professional advice as this blog is for general information only